Welcome to Providence House Design

We’re so happy you’re here. 

PHD is made up of the design duo: Jared and Katelyn. Together, with nearly 35 years of design experience, we’ve created a boutique design group focused on bringing families home through custom, curated floor plans. We believe a home should tell your family’s story and we can’t wait to help you write your next chapter.

Katelyn Cheek
PrinciPAL Creative

Katelyn is a wife to Brandon and mother to two little girls, Vivienne and Charlie. For as long as she can remember, she’s been designing but it hasn’t always been in the home or interiors realm. Katelyn has a degree in fashion design as well as journalism.

After starting a blog, years at New York Fashion Week and working as an Editor for magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, she shifted from styling clothing to her true passion: designing all things home. Katelyn loves to create family-focused homes where practicality and beautiful design come together. Katelyn believes, “With thoughtful design, it is possible to achieve both. Your home should tell the story of who you are."

Sometimes it’s messy and imperfect and other days, for a moment, it’s cleaned and put together. Whatever the day looks like, it should feel like home, but more importantly, it should feel like you.

Home is a sacred place to find your peace in such a busy world. I learned early on from my mom while growing up on a farm that kitchens should be filled with family, closets should be large and outdoor spaces should be well thought out for time spent together. If Katelyn isn’t designing, you’ll find her in the garden, spending time with her family and trying to convince her husband to get goats and chickens.  

With nearly 7 years and over 300 homes designed, she’s ready to help clients create their perfect place to call home.

Jared Hensley
PrinciPAL Design

Jared's professional career has spanned more than 20 years in residential design. Working for nationally-known, plan-service companies and custom home builders has given Jared a wide-range of experience and knowledge of both in the practical and artistic arenas of design and construction.

From hand drafting plans to using cutting-edge 3D design and rendering software, and designing sheds to multi-million dollar homes, his career experience has seen it all.  Jared's passion for homes shows itself in the details of the design, and his mind is always on the technical side of the process as well.

As a family man, Jared knows that each family has unique needs and he seeks to find ways to suit those needs in every design. "Good home design is equal parts art and science. Blending the two in order to create the perfect home is what I truly love to do. The art is what brings a family home, from the aesthetic styling of the home to the flow and feel of the spaces. Science is the knowledge needed to make that perfect home buildable, an understanding of construction methods, structure, and safety is key. Without both facets, you cannot have the perfect home."

Jared is happily married to his bride, Jenny, and loves spending quality time with his son Teagan and daughter, Ruby. He is an avid football fan, and has a passion for fitness, in particular, Bootcamp workouts and Rucking, though you will often find him running or mountain biking too when he can find the time to get out there. He is also a passionate volunteer, sharing his time with local food pantries, youth programs and, nearest to his heart, JDRF.